Department of International Business

The Department of International Business, established at 2012, has 11 full-time faculty members, all of whom have acquired PhD degrees and most have been invited to prestigious universities in the United States or the United Kingdom as visiting scholars. Furthermore, a few part-time professors, with good reputations in their practical or academic fields in regard to international business, are regularly invited to take lectures for our faculty and students. Constantly, we keep a strong relationship with a number of overseas universities, such as University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and Australian National University.

Specifically, our faculty focuses on the four areas of interest in terms of global marketing, international investment, international trade, and international human resource management. We have achieved academic performance significantly, and our research appears in high-quality international journals, such as Journal of Product Innovation Management, Economic Inquiry, Information & Management, and top Chinese Journals, such as Economic Research Journal and Management World. Additionally, we have applied for and held a number of national research projects, and we also provide consulting services for many multinational companies or governments.

Distinguishingly, we employ a special tutoring guideline for undergraduate students. That is, an academic tutor is assigned to three or four students, responsible for motivating students’ research interest and enhancing their academic performance. This guideline has been implemented very well in recent years, and thus it receives positive responses from our students.

Generally, we aim to develop and enhance basic skills and knowledge for students who opt for international business and are interested in managerial issues confronted by multinational companies, as well as political, cultural, and institutional differences among nations, enabling them to succeed in global business environment. Through a four-year studying and training, students can apply concepts and theories from international business towards understanding global and national environments, recognize ethical and cultural issues that are inherent in global activities and contribute to an ethical and cross-culturally sensitive business climate, utilize the concepts and theories of international management strategy towards international business setting, and research and write an academic standard paper on a relevant topic in international business. To achieve this mission, we welcome any valuable cooperation, whenever possible, with governments, business and academic organizations.