Professor Bingzhan Shi Published Papers in Economic Research Journal

(Correspondent: Zhao Hong) Recently, the paper “Attention Allocation, Internet Search, and International Trade”, which was co-authored by Professor Bingzhan Shi and PhD candidate Xiangyi Jin, was published in the 11th issue of Economic Research Journal, a top Chinese journal in economics.The paper argues that the limited attention of economic subjects is a scarce resource. Attention affects economic behavior by reducing the source entropy and reducing uncertainty; under open conditions, the allo

The 16th Tianjin Social Science Outstanding Achievement Awards was Announced, School of Economics Won 11 Awards

(Correspondent: Guo Shuyu) Recently, the 16th Tianjin Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award was announced. School of Economics has won 11 awards, including three first prizes, three second prizes, and five third prizes. Details are as follows:WorkLead authorsTypeAwardGeneral Introduction to Socialism Political Economy with Chinese CharacteristicsPang Jinju, Jing Weimin, He Zili, Liu Fengyi, Zhou YunboMonographFirst prizeA General Survey of Chinese Residents Income Distribution: Chinas Roa

Four NKU Professors granted the 2019 Major Project of the National Social Science Fund

(Correspondent: Lu Yamei) A few days ago, the list of major projects approved by the National Social Science Fund for 2019 was announced. Four professors from the School of Economics entered the list of public announcements, and the number of projects ranked first among the schools of Nankai University. Their Major Projects submitted for the tender are the “Research on the Motive Force, Mechanism and Policy of Technological Change from the Perspective of Marxism” by Professor Duan Wenbin, “Resea

Economic Behavior and Policy Simulation Laboratory Led by School of Economics Was Identified by Tianjin Education Commission

(Correspondent: Zhong Yiming) In order to promote the flourishing development of humanities and social science in universities, Tianjin Education Commission launched the application and identification of the first batch of social science laboratories in August, 2019. After declaration, evaluation, online publicity and other procedures, a total of 21 social science laboratories in Tianjin passed the certification.Among them, Nankai University occupies five positions: Digital Chinese Innovation La

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Nankai Young Economist Symposium: Observability, Voluntary Vote, and Punishment in Advising

Time: 2:30 p.m., December 6, 2019 Place: Conference Room on the 10th Floor in School of Economics

Meeting Preview | International Trade and Space Economy Frontier Forum

Time: November 29, 2019 Place: Meeting room, 1st floor, School of Economics, Nankai University

Nankai Young Economist Symposium: Demonopolization, trade cost and welfare: evidences from China

Time: 2:30 p.m., November 29, 2019 Place: Conference Room on the 10th Floor in School of Economics

Nankai Young Economist Symposium: Anti-globalization and the Impossibility of Reindustrialization in the U.S.

Time: 2:30 p.m., November 22, 2019 Place: Conference Room on the 10th Floor in School of Economics