Five Nankai Young Economist Symposiums Successfully Held in September and October

(Correspondent: Wang Tianjian) The 66th~70th Nankai Young Economist Symposiums were held successfully inSeptember and October, 2020. Five scholars, including Dr. Zou Wenbo from Nankai University, Dr. Liu Jinyu from University of International Business and Economics, Dr. Zhang Daiqiang from State University of New York, Professor Nie Huihua from Renmin University of China, and Dr. Jiang Shenzhe from Peking University, were invited to give these lectures respectively.These five outstanding scholar

School of Economics was selected as the first batch of aging research bases by China Association of Aging

(Correspondent: Zhou Xing) On November 10, 2020, the awarding ceremony of the first batch of aging research bases of the China Association of Aging was held in Beijing. The School of Economics of Nankai University, was selected simultaneously with 20 universities and research institutes, such as the School of Social and Demography of Renmin University of China, the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University, the Center for Aging and Health Research of Zhejiang University,

Assistant professors Kaixing Huang and Hong Zhao have published papers in high-level English journals

(Correspondent: Zhao Hong) Assistant professors Kaixing Huang and Hong Zhao of our school have published papers in high-level English journals including Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (JEEM) andJournal of Economic Surveys.JEEM is an authoritative journal that mainly focuses on environmental economics related issues (in the first district of JCR). The main contribution of this article is to estimate the long-term impact of climate change on the labor distribution of Chinas agri

Two Papers of Lecturer Dr. Hou Xinyu Published in SSCI Journal

(Correspondent: Zhong Yiming) The paper “Foreign Entry Liberalization and Export Quality: Evidence from China”coauthored by Lecturer Dr. Hou Xinyu of International Economic and Trade Department was published on Contemporary Economic Policy(SSCI). This paper examines the impact of foreign entry deregulation in China on the export price and quality of manufacturing firms through input–output linkage.Results suggest foreign entry deregulation encourages firms to improve product quality and increase

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Nankai Young Economist Symposium: The Technological Spillover Effect of Foreign Divestment: Evidence from China

Time: 2:30 p.m., November 27, 2020 Place: Tencent Network Conference #694 961 002

Nankai Young Economist Symposium: China's Housing Bubble, Infrastructure Investment, and Economic Growth

Time: 2:30 p.m., November 6, 2020 Place: Tencent Network Conference #232 216 996