Founded in 1985, Nankai Economic Studies has been included in the first batch of national Social Science Fund funded journals and an important source journal of CSSCI, and has been included in major databases and many platforms across the country. As a comprehensive journal of economic theory, the journal enjoys a good reputation among scholars and practitioners both at home and abroad, and has become one of the important core journals of academic theory in China's economic field.

Nankai Economic Studies is supervised by Nankai University and sponsored by the School of Economics of Nankai University. It is edited and published by the editorial department of Nankai Economic Studies and published bimonthly at home and abroad. All manuscripts are reviewed through the Anonymous Paper Reviewing System by Peer Experts.

This journal outstanding characteristic, on the one hand pay attention to the original achievements of theoretical research, on the other hand pay attention to major realistic themes. Actively select research results urgently needed by the country, timely launch high-quality articles, for leading organs, practical departments, teaching and scientific research line to provide a platform and carrier of research results. There are various forms of articles in this journal, including economic papers, survey reports, discussion of problems, academic introductions, and book reviews. The journal pays attention to the scientific coordination of the relationship between the construction of disciplines and the overall construction of modernization, and continuously condenses its own development characteristics in practice.

The journal is trying to promote academic exchange and better meet the needs of authors and readers. In 2019, the Wechat official account of Nankai Economic Studies was opened. At present, it has realized the basic functions of retrieving articles, checking manuscripts and checking trends, and opened the function of obtaining full text. It has actively adapted to the development trend of media convergence and enriched the way of academic communication.