Institute of International Economics

Institute of International Economics (NKIIE) is, approved by the former State Education Committee of China and established on November 9, 1987, a research institute specializing in international economic theories and policies. With the efforts of Professor Teng Weizao, Professor Yang Shujin, Professor Xiong Xingmei, Professor Chen Yinfang and Professor Jiang Zheshi and other senior scholars of international economy, NKIIE has quickly established its leading academic position in the domestic field of international economic research and become one of the most prestigious research and teaching institutions in international economic field in China. NKIIE supports two Key Research Bases in Philosophy and Social Science under the Ministry of Education (i.e. Center for Transnationals’ Studies and APEC Study Center) and a national 985 innovation base (i.e. Transnationals’ Studies), and covers two national key disciplines, namely, World Economy and International Trade.

NKIIE now boasts 22 full-time researchers, all with PhD degrees, among which there are 10 professors, 8 associate professors, and 4 assistant professors (researchers); besides, NKIIE also hired more than 40 part-time or visiting professors. Among the researchers, there are 1 member of Discipline Evaluation Group of the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, 1 distinguished professor of  1 candidate of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and 2 candidates of “Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University” (NCET) under Ministry of Education. In the outstanding research team of NKIIE, there are winners of Sun Yefang Fiscal Science Award, of National Higher Education Award for Excellent Scientific Research on Humanities and Social Sciences under Ministry of Education, and of National Excellent PhD Dissertation Award and other academic prizes. At the same time, the research team also has several senior consultants for Ministry of Commerce and local governments, as well as advisory experts for United Nations, APEC and the Group of 77 and other international organizations. The current Director of NKIIE is Professor Jiang Dianchun, and Deputy Directors are Professor Ge Shunqi and Associate Professor Yan Bing. Professor Xian Guoming is the chairman of NKIIE Academic Committee, and Professor Xiong Xingmei serves as the consultant for NKIIE.

Over the past two decades, NKIIE has undertaken a large number of international cooperative research, projects supported and sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation and by the National Social Science Fund, as well as provincial and ministerial projects and projects entrusted by other organizations, achieving fruitful research results with several influential academic works and papers published. Through personnel visits and scholarly communication and exchanges, NKIIE has established close academic relationships with relevant domestic research institutions and colleges and universities, and with international organizations such as United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and World Bank, and foreign research institutions and scholars from the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries.

NKIIE has PhD and master programs in World Economy and International Trade, and also enrolls students for Master of International Business (MIB) program. Student training focuses on not only the in-depth understanding of basic and professional theories, but also the training of rigorous and normalized research methodologies. In order to encourage students to carry out innovative research, NKIIE founded a special electronic journal for graduate students, namely NKIIE Academic Journal, and established scholarship for research apart from normal scholarships issued by the State and Nankai University, which awards students with excellent research results every year. Besides, dual-supervisor system (through which every graduate student has two supervisors, one in Nankai University and the other outside the University) is adopted so as to train students to enhance their capacity and awareness of paying attention to economic realities on the basis of solid theoretical foundation. Hundreds of previous graduates of NKIIE are now elites active in domestic and foreign academia, business and political arena.