MIB Program: Master of International Business

International Business (IB) is an interdisciplinary discipline that become a popular and develops rapidly in the era of fast economic globalization. Recognizing the substantial demand for professional talents with fast updating integrated knowledge of international economics, business and communication, the International Business Program organized by NKSE devotes to equip students with foundational knowledge and diverse skills that are integral to conduct business and operation on a global scale. A 2-year post graduate schedule provides four specialized directions that designed to ensure students comprehensive preparation for positions with global corporations, banks, government and other international organizations

  International Business Operation and Management

  International Investment and Multinational Enterprises

  International Finance and Risk Management

  Overseas Industrial Park Operation.

The Catalogue of MIB program includes seven compulsory specialized courses and at least two optional specialized courses, and an internship with a duration of at least 6 months is also required. To get the degree, each student also have to complete a Master degree thesis under the guidance of the tutor.

With a focus on practical applications, the program organically combines a variety of teaching methods including miscellaneous seminars, workshops, field research, professional internship, etc.,with focal attention to promoting students' thinking skills and capabilities to analyze and solve problems.Our school has also established more than twenty internship bases with off-campus 12 strategic cooperation partners from government agencies and industrial sectors around the country, that effectively offer program students a full range of career development services in skills development and social networking opportunities.

To learn more about the MIB program, please download the brochure by clicking the link below: