The 8th International Investment Forum was Held in Nankai


(Correspondent: Zhao Hong) Recently, the 8th International Investment Forum was held in the XinShen building of Nankai University and the forum theme is FDI in a new era of globalization. Experts and scholars from the United Nations Trade Development Organization, the Global Business Association, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia and other countries or international organizations attended the meeting.

Wang Lei, Vice President of Nankai University, met with the delegates and delivered an opening speech. He said that this forum is an important academic activity for the 100-year anniversary of Nankai University. Nankai University has deep strength in the field of multinational corporations and international investment. Relevant works and research reports have contributed to China's reform and opening up.

Guoqiang Long, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Xiaoning Zhan, director of the Enterprise Investment Department of the United Nations Trade and Development Organization, Xiangyang Li, president of the Asia-Pacific Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Zhizhong Yao, deputy director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, and Jeremy Clegg, president of Global International Business, Botjan Skalar, president of the World Investment Promotion Association, and other guests delivered keynote speeches respectively. Professors Guoming Xian, Jiadong Tong, Bin Sheng, Kunwang Li, Leyong Gao, Jun Xue, Dianchun Jiang, and Shunqi Ge from Nankai University delivered keynote speeches.

Under the leadership of Professor Guoming Xian, Nankai University research team has translated and published World Investment Report Chinese version for 21 years; has written Foreign Investment Development Report for the Ministry of Commerce for 7 years; has translated Chinese enterprises Foreign Investment the Statistical Bulletin’ for 5 years; has publishes the South-South Cooperation Development Report in both Chinese and English for 5 years. The “International Investment Forum” was held for 8 years, and the “Overseas Cooperation Zone Development Forum” was held for 3 years in Nankai. The “Asia International Economics Forum” and the “Multinational Corporation Forum” were hosted. The Research Center of Multinational Corporations of Nankai has also undertaken a series of major national social sciences subjects, the National Natural Science, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Commerce. It has published a large number of scientific research and has become a major domestic research center for multinational corporations and international investment.