Mr. Yuwen Wang, the Executive President of Nankai-Chicago Alumni Association, was Invited by Department of International Business to Present a Lecture

(Correspondence: Yifang Chu) On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Nankai University, Mr. Yuwen Wang, the Executive President of the Chicago Alumni Branch of Nankai University, was invited by the Department of International Business to give a English lecture on 10th October, at the Jinnan Campus and the Balitai Campus, which was highly praised by the participants.


Mr. Wang is currently the senior director of the Montreal/Hulse Bank of Canada and the Lead Model Analyst, having more than 20 years of work experience in international banks.

The seminar focused on credit risk management of large banks and the US government's financial regulatory system. After the lecture, Mr. Yuwen Wang specially reserved time to answer questions from the students.


About 80 students from the two campuses participated in this special lecture. Mr. Yuwen Wang actively communicated with the students. The students who planned to study abroad also asked questions about studying in the United States. The atmosphere was warm.