Professor Tatsuki Kuroda from Nagoya University of Japan was Invited to Give Lectures in School of Economics


(Correspondent: Gao Yuhao) At the invitation of Professor Jiang Manqi of the Urban & Regional Economic Institute, on the morning of October 19, Professor Tatsuki Kuroda of Nagoya University, Japan, made a report entitled an experimental study on domestic tourism in Japan in school of economics.


Professor Kuroda briefly introduced the changes in the number of inbound and outbound tourists in Japan in the past 10 years. Among them, tourism is the primary purpose for foreigners to visit Japan. Secondly, by establishing a tourism economic model including two countries (the population gap between the two countries is obvious), Professor Kuroda believed that small governments prefer to invest in tourism resources compared with large governments. The residents of big countries prefer to travel to small countries rather than to choose domestic tourism. Finally, Professor Kuroda used the gravity model to analyze the tourism data of Japan's counties, which proved the above theory. After the seminar, Professor Kuroda patiently answered the questions raised by all the teachers and students.