Professor Song Yan from the University of North Carolina was Invited to Give Lectures in School of Economics


(Correspondent: Gao Yuhao) At the invitation of Professor Jiang Manqi of the Urban & Regional Economic Institute of our college, on the morning of October 20, Professor Song Yan, a tenured professor of the department of urban and regional planning of the University of North Carolina and director of the China Urban Research Center of the University of North Carolina, made a speech entitled “Urban Form, Air Quality,and Health Outcome Associations:Implications for Public Policies for Cleaner Air” in school of economics.

First, Professor Song Yan analyzed the relationship between people's travel behavior and automobile exhaust emissions by establishing a model, and pointed out that the government's guidance on public policy in terms of transportation could effectively reduce the level of air pollution in cities. Second, Professor Song Yan analyzed the remote sensing satellite data of 152 cities in China, and believed that, in addition to some traditional factors affecting air pollution, the urban form also had a significant impact on air pollution. Moreover, based on the data on the incidence of disease among Chinese residents, Professor Song Yan concluded that the urban form would have a further impact on the incidence of disease among urban residents by affecting the level of PM 2.5 in cities. In addition, Professor Song Yan has refined the data related to the urban form in the latest research, mainly using new technology to collect information from street-view images.