Several Professors of School of Economics were Selected into the Ranking List of "The Most Influential Scholars in Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences Field"

(Correspondent: Guo Shuyu) The China Humanities and Social Sciences Evaluation and Research Center recently released the Ranking of the Most Influential Mechanics in Chinese Philosophy and Social Sciences: Evaluation Based on Chinese Academic Achievements (2020 Edition). Many professors of our school have entered the top 500 national economics first-level scholars, including (in order of rank): Sheng Bin, Bao Qun, Shi Bingzhan, Li Kunwang, Mao Qilin, Tong Jiadong, Hu Zhaoling, Zhu Tong, Xian Guoming, Wen Dongwei. In addition, many professors have entered the top 100-150 rankings of secondary subjects.

This evaluation is based on the evaluation of the influence of scientific research results in their academic fields and peers, breaking through the simple counting method, and comprehensively measuring the contribution of scholars. The data mainly comes from CNKI, Chaoxing Discovery and other database. The subject classification of the CNKI is used, classifying 81 secondary subjects in the philosophy and social sciences into 20 first-level discipline. The ranking sets 5 first-level indicators, namely, the number of articles published by important journals, the degree of attention, the comprehensive index of publication and citation, the important awards, and the number of book citations to comprehensively measure the degree of academic contributions. 9 secondary indicators are set down, and after the data of each indicator is standardized, the score of each scholar is calculated by combining the corresponding weights, and finally the academic influence ranking of scholars is formed.