The Symposiums on "External Financial Shock Emergency System under Deep Opening" was Held

(Correspondent: Feng Zhixuan) The School of Economics of Nankai University, the Research Center of Political Economy of Nankai University and the Research Center of Virtual Economics and Management hosted two seminars on the theme of the strength basis of the International Monetary system and Anti-money laundering channels at home and abroad and the underlying payment system of RMB. The symposiums were held in the School of Economics of Nankai University on August 10 and August 21, 2020, respectively. And the two symposiums were under the research basis of the major project of the National Social Science Fund External Financial shock Emergency System under Deep Opening. More than 60 experts, scholars, teachers and students participated in the seminars. Including professor Zhao Yanyun, School of Statistics, Renmin University of China, Dr. Mo Shikang, chairman of Zhongmin Holdings Co., Ltd., Gong Jingyan, director of Anti-money laundering Department of the People's Bank of China, Dr. Lai Shicheng, senior manager of Compliance Management Department of Agricultural Bank of China Dubai Branch, and Junmin Liu, professor of Virtual Economy and Management Research Center of Nankai University, etc.

Prof. Liu Xiaoxin, chief expert of the major project of the National Social Science Fund  External Financial shock Emergency System under Deep Opening , professor of the School of Economics of Nankai University and director of the Virtual Economy and Management Research Center, presided over two seminars. And he expounded that the emergency response system of external financial shocks under China's in-depth opening up has multiple components, the strength basis of the international monetary system is the fundamental guarantee against external financial shocks, and the improvement of RMB payment system is an important part of the emergency system.

Professor Zhao Yanyun told about the strength base of the international monetary system from the aspects of international competitiveness of money and the index construction of the global urban international financial development center. He pointed out that there are many factors that determine the international competitiveness of money, and it is necessary to construct a comprehensive index to integrate different aspects of competitiveness.

Dr. Mo Shikang discussed the related issues of virtual economy management in the construction of emergency system from the point of view of practice. He told that the philosophy, management methods and technical tools in management are very important, and management tools play an important supplementary role in the study of economic theory.

Director Gong Jingyan summarized the development of China's anti-money laundering system, and introduced the legal system as well as working mechanism of it. Director Gong emphasized that the principle of risk-oriented should be followed in the operation of China's effective financial anti-money laundering regulatory system, and risk prevention is the key under deep opening up.

Dr. Lai Shicheng showed the working contents and characteristics of overseas banks in Dubai's compliant anti-money laundering financial institutions, and analyzed the insufficient risk prevention of underground banks and payment systems at home and abroad in anti-money laundering. He expounded the difficulties and development opportunities of RMB payment system going out.

Professor Junmin Liu pointed out that the current monetary payment system can be divided into the bottom payment system and the upper payment system. The bottom payment system refers to direct media trade and financial transactions, while the upper payment system refers to the transaction payment between banks. The bottom is the foundation, and private enterprises play an important role in the bottom payment. He told that we should strengthen the combination of the bottom and upper payment systems, encourage integration with the world economy, and promote the internationalization of RMB.

Using the network platform to launch an academic discussion, there were wonderful speeches from all the distinguished guests, as well as students who thought actively and asked questions enthusiastically, and the atmosphere at the scene was warm.