Two Papers of Lecturer Dr. Hou Xinyu Published in SSCI Journal

(Correspondent: Zhong Yiming) The paper “Foreign Entry Liberalization and Export Quality: Evidence from China” coauthored by Lecturer Dr. Hou Xinyu of International Economic and Trade Department was published on Contemporary Economic Policy(SSCI). This paper examines the impact of foreign entry deregulation in China on the export price and quality of manufacturing firms through input–output linkage.Results suggest foreign entry deregulation encourages firms to improve product quality and increase export prices.

In addition, another paper “Export Rivalry and Exchange Rate Pass‐through” written by Dr. Hou Xinyu and her collaborators was published on Economics of Transition and Institutional Change (SSCI). This paper investigates the influence of market rivalry on firm‐level exchange rate pass‐through. Using a comprehensive dataset from Chinese exporters for the 2000–2007 period, the paper finds that in response to a higher degree of market rivalry firms are less responsive to exchange fluctuations. This unresponsiveness suggests a higher degree of exchange rate pass‐through.