Nankai Young Economist Symposium: The "product lock-in" of Chinese enterprises under the global value chain breaks down: Empirical evidence from the perspective of product diversity

Time:2:30 p.m., November 13, 2020

Place: Tencent Network Conference #613 398 152

Speaker: Professor Lv Yue

Chair: Professor Shi bingzhan

Discussant: Dr. Su Danni and Dr. Hou Xinyu



LV Yue is currently a professor at school of international economics and trade, University of International Business and Economics. Her main research interests are global value chain, trade and finance, trade and environment, transnational corporation.

At present, she has published more than 60 papers in Chinese Social Sciences, Economic Research, Managing the World, World Economy, Economics (quarterly), and two monographs on global value chain. She presided over two general projects of NSFC and National Natural Science Youth program. She has won the outstanding achievement award for scientific research in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES), Anzijie International Trade Research Award, Ministry of Commerce Business Development Research Award, Hong Yinxing economics award (Youth), etc.