School of Economics was selected as the first batch of aging research bases by China Association of Aging

(Correspondent: Zhou Xing) On November 10, 2020, the awarding ceremony of the first batch of aging research bases of the China Association of Aging was held in Beijing. The School of Economics of Nankai University, was selected simultaneously with 20 universities and research institutes, such as the School of Social and Demography of Renmin University of China, the School of Social Development and Public Policy of Fudan University, the Center for Aging and Health Research of Zhejiang University, and etc. The head of China Association for Aging-Nankai University School of Economics’ Aging Research Base, professor of the Institute of Population and Development, Yuan Xin, and the professor of the School of Finance of Nankai University, Chen Lu, were invited to participate in the awarding ceremony, and provide advice and suggestions on implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party, implementing the national strategy to actively respond to the aging of the population, and promoting the 14th Five-Year Plan ageing cause and high-quality industrial development.

The specific name of the China Association for Aging-Nankai University School of Economics’ Aging Research Base is “Nankai University’s Aging Social Governance Research Center”, which fully integrates the research team of related disciplines, such as economics, finance, sociology, law, management, environmental science, artificial intelligence, medicine, social security, and etc. With Nankai University's disciplinary advantages and talent advantages as the core, the center gathers the research strength of domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions, and unites government departments and aging industry research resources to carry out interdisciplinary research and exchange activities. The center is located in our school, and the director of the center is professor Yuan Xin. As the director of the Research Center for Aging Development of Nankai University, director of Tianjin Municipal Committee on Aging-Nankai University Aging Research Base, director of the Expert Committee of Tianjin Committee on Aging Work, vice president of China Demographic Society, rotating chairman of the 30-member Forum for Aging Society in 2020, professor Yuan Xin has been engaged in the research of population aging and aging society for a long time, and has won the China Population Award (Science and Technology Award), the highest award in the field of China's population science research, and the National Outstanding Teacher Title. He is a well-known scholar in the field of aging science research in China.

China Association for Aging is a vice-ministerial institution under the State Council and a national department specializing in aging. Its predecessor was the China Committee of the World Congress on Aging. It was renamed the China National Committee on Aging with the approval of the State Council and officially renamed the China Association of Aging in 1995. The China Association of Aging and the Office of the National Working Committee on Aging implement a joint office, work in the name of the Office of the National Working Committee on Aging in China, and conduct international exchanges and cooperation on aging affairs in the name of the China Association of Aging. The nationwide identification of the first batch of aging research bases, will implement the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council to actively respond to population aging, strengthen the research on major basic theories and policy practices for the development of the aging cause and industry, promote the research and development of aging products and the application of aging technology, cultivate and expand the team of senior scientific research.