Five Nankai Young Economist Symposiums Successfully Held in September and October

(Correspondent: Wang Tianjian) The 66th~70th Nankai Young Economist Symposiums were held successfully in September and October, 2020. Five scholars, including Dr. Zou Wenbo from Nankai University, Dr. Liu Jinyu from University of International Business and Economics, Dr. Zhang Daiqiang from State University of New York, Professor Nie Huihua from Renmin University of China, and Dr. Jiang Shenzhe from Peking University, were invited to give these lectures respectively.

These five outstanding scholars delivered wonderful in-depth lectures regarding the frontiers in various fields, including experimental economics, econometrics, institutional economics and macroeconomics. The lectures were entitled “Welfare Analysis of Ranking Information: the Evidence from Labs”, “The Effect of the Restructuring of State-owned Enterprises in China: a Natural Experiment Based on Official Promotion ”, “Price Negotiation with Merchant Heterogeneity in Payment Card Industry”, “the Replacement of Officials and State-owned Enterprises’ CEOs: a New Perspective on the Relationship Between Politics and Commerce”, “China’s Property Bubble, Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth” respectively. The forums were presided over and commented on by young and middle-aged scholars from different departments of the school. Heated discussions were aroused in the strong academic atmosphere, which promoted the interactions among diverse subjects and research fields.

Nankai Young Economist Symposium was started in December 2017, and it is held on every Friday. In this semester, the forum adopts the method of combining offline conference with Tencent online meeting, inviting young and Middle-aged scholars from Nankai and other universities. The forum plans to arrange another 5 lectures (the 71th~75th) in November and December, inviting Professor Lyu Yue from University of International Business and Economics, Doctor Jiang Hanchen from University of North Texas, Professor Luo Changyuan from Fudan University, Doctor Chen Tuo from Tsinghua University, Doctor Yang Yang from Chinese University of Hong Kong, to give wonderful lectures in the fields of international economics, regional economics, world economy, macroeconomics and micro-econometrics.

To know more about the lectures, please notice the information posted on the website of School of Economics, our WeChat official account and posters.