The Textbook Compiled by Associate Professor He Yongjiang of School of Economics was Awarded the Excellent Textbook of Ideological and Political Education in Tianjin Colleges and Universities

(Correspondent: Feng Zhuoran) Previously, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission organized the selection and recommendation of excellent ideological and political teaching materials. After the application of the University and the evaluation of experts, 77 kinds of undergraduate teaching materials, 37 kinds of postgraduate teaching materials and 11 kinds of continuing education teaching materials are finally identified as the first batch of excellent ideological and political teaching materials in Tianjin universities. Among them, the textbook financial statement analysis compiled by Associate Professor He Yongjiang of School of economics has been selected as the excellent textbook of Ideological and political education in Tianjin universities.

The teaching material of financial statement analysis keeps pace with the times, focuses on the professional frontier, integrates new professional knowledge and new methods, and at the same time of in-depth interpretation of the teaching material, directly faces the key and difficult problems in education and teaching, which has strong scientificity and guidance. In the future, the school of economics will continue to play the exemplary role of teaching materials, continue to promote the quality and efficiency of teaching materials construction, and realize the high-quality development of teaching materials construction.