Four Professors of School of Economics Appointed as Distinguished Research Fellows of Tianjin Municipal Government

(Correspondent: Wang Tianjian) On April 15th, 2021, the appointment ceremony for distinguished research fellows of Tianjin Municipal Government was held at the People’s Government of Tianjin. Four professors from our school, including Liu Binglian, Sheng Bin, Liu Gang and Wang Yongjin, were appointed as distinguished research fellows of the government for 3 years. Leaders from the Policy Research Office of Municipal Government and Tianjin Federation of Social Science conferred the letters of appointment to the researchers.

School of Economics carries forward the principle of “Knowing China and Serving China”, adheres to serving local development, and keeps on offering advice for the government’s decision-making. Taking the appointment of special researchers as a chance, our school’s experts and scholars will further play their roles in counselling and advising, and carry out researches around the core work of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Government, with the aim of providing better decision-making service for the economic and social development of Tianjin.