Assistant Professor Zhu Feng Attended the Annual Conference on “Contests: Theory and Evidence” Held in the U.K.


(Correspondent: Wang Tianjian) From June 20th to June 24th , 2023, Dr. Zhu Feng of School of Economics had an academic visit to University of Reading (UK) on invitation, and attended the 9th annual conference on “Contests: Theory and Evidence” held there, which achieved great success.

During the conference, Dr. Zhu Feng had an in-depth discussion on the theory, experiment and empirical research of contest with scholars in the fields of economics, management and computer science from dozens of universities around the world, and gave an academic report. During the visit, Dr. Zhu Feng also introduced the history, current situation and achievements of School of Economics of Nankai University to the participating experts and scholars.

This visit not only provided valuable support and help for Dr. Zhu Feng’s future research in related fields, but also strengthened the academic exchange and cooperation between Nankai University and University of Reading.