INSEAD Assistant Professor Tian Lin Invited to Give Academic Lecture


On July 6, Assistant Professor Tian Lin of INSEAD was invited to give a lecture entitled Geographic Integration and Firm Export: Evidence from China to the teachers and students of the School of Economics. The lecture was presided over by Assistant Professor He Qiugu. Professor Wang Yongjin and Assistant Professor Jin Wei gave comments. Teachers including Bao Qun, Lyu Xueying, Jing Kecen, Qiao Liang, Shi Shuang, Li Hao, and Fang Senhui and dozens of students from the School of Economics, Professor Zhao Laixun of Kobe University and Lecturer Chang Lulu of Japan Institute of Nankai University attended the lecture. Many other teachers and students attended online.

Setting China's high-speed railway expansion as an example, Associate Professor Tian's report provides natural experimental evidence for the role of geographical regional integration in promoting the export of enterprises. In addition, Associate Professor Tian shared with the teachers and students her research experience in writing this paper and encouraged them to concentrate on scientific research.

Tian Lin is an assistant professor of economics at INSEAD. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, She earned her Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University. Tian Lin’s research aims to reveal the factors that lead to spatial changes in economic activities and highlight the socio-economic impact of these spatial differences. Her research results have been published in top journals such as Econometrica and Review of Economics and Statistics.