Four teachers of School of Economics Attend AMES 2023 in Singapore


Associate Professor Gao Wenzheng, Dr. Jin Wei, Dr. Si Ruichao, and Dr. Zhu Feng of the School of Economics attended the 2023 Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society in East and Southern Asia (AMES 2023) hosted by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore from July 26th to August 1st, 2023. The four teachers presented their papers at contributed sessions of the meeting.

Associate Professor Gao Wenzheng attended the contributed session on econometrics from July 28th to 30th where he had in-depth discussions with scholars from Singapore Management University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of California Santa Cruz, Tsinghua University, and other universities on the latest development trends and related theories of econometrics.

Associate Professor Gao Wenzheng at AMES 2023

On the morning of July 29th , Dr. Jin Wei presented his collaborative working paper Love Panda, Love China: The Panda Effect on International Trade at the contributed session themed China's International Trade and had discussions with scholars from Singapore Management University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Macau, and other universities. Dr. Jin's paper empirically proved that China's panda diplomacy has greatly promoted China's export.

Dr. Jin Wei delivering report at AMES 2023

After attending the AMES meeting, Dr. Jin visited Singapore Management University and had friendly academic exchanges with scholars of the university. On the morning of August 1st , Dr. Jin gave a lecture on his working paper Love Panda, Love China: The Panda Effect on International Trade at Singapore Management University, which has received extensive discussion and praise.

Dr. Jin Wei having exchanges and delivering report at Singapore Management University

On the afternoon of July 30th , Dr. Si Ruichao presented his collaborative working paper Academic Backgrounds, Peer Effects and Student Outcomes: Evidence from Quasi-random Assigned Roommates at the contributed session on education economics and had discussions with scholars from Hong Kong University, Tokyo University, and other universities. Dr. Si's paper used the quasi-randomness of student dormitory allocation as an identification strategy to investigate the influence of students' professional backgrounds on their peers' performance. The results of the study proved the existence of a significant cohort effect.

Dr. Si Ruichao delivering report at AMES 2023

On the afternoon of July 29th , Dr. Zhu Feng presented his collaborative working paper All-pay Contests with Unordered Cost Asymmetry: an Experimental Study at the Contests Contributed Session and had discussions with scholars from University of Bristol, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, National University of Singapore, Nanjing University, and other universities. In this paper, the experimental economics method is applied to study the behavior of competition participants and the related problems of competition design in a scenario where the cost function is asymmetric and cannot be simply sorted.

Dr. Zhu Feng delivering report at AMES 2023

AMES 2023 is sponsored by the Econometrics Society. Founded in 1930, the Econometrics Society has played an important role in the field of economics and has long been committed to promoting rigorous economic research. The meeting includes keynote speeches, plenary speeches, and 120 contributed session reports made by top economists including Professor Josh Angrist. The topics of the reports cover macroeconomics, microeconomics, development economics, international economics, labor economics, econometrics, behavioral economics, organizational economics, and other research fields.