Associate Professor Lei Ming Participated in the International Symposium on History of Indigenous Knowledge (ISHIK 2023)


(Correspondent: Zhong Yiming)From October 20th to 28th, 2023, Associate Professor Lei Ming from the Institute of Economics attended the International Symposium on History and Indigenous Knowledge (ISHIK 2023) at the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo Chubu. He submitted a paper and made a report on the value and behavior changes of intellectuals in the Song Dynasty, which was widely praised. Also, he had in-depth exchanges with teachers and students at the conference.


The scale of the meeting was large, and the participants came from China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, France and other countries and regions. Most of the academic papers submitted focused on the long-term impact of traditional historical knowledge on contemporary economy, politics and society. On the afternoon of the conference on October 21st, Associate Professor Lei Ming made an academic report on the theme of from the “outer King” to the “Inner Saint - the historical evidence of the transformation of the Song Dynasty scholar group. The report uses historical big data research for the first time to discuss the academic transformation of the intellectuals in China from the Northern Song Dynasty to the Southern Song Dynasty, and discusses the long-term impact of the intellectual transformation in the Song Dynasty. Scholars from various countries paid extensive attention to the content of the report and had a heated discussion. Associate Professor Lei answered the questions one by one, and the paper was included in the conference papers that have been officially published.

During the conference, Associate Professor Lei Ming visited Sanyo Heavy Industry, Canon headquarters and Toshiba factory under the arrangement of the organizer, conducted relevant research, and had a more in-depth understanding of the operation of contemporary Japanese enterprises.

The International Symposium on History and Indigenous Knowledge, which began in 2011 as an academic exchange event organised by Tsinghua University with Chinese and Japanese scholars as the main focus, has been successfully held for 12 sessions, hosted by Chinese and Japanese institutions and scholars on a rotating basis. Previously, the conference was held in Beijing, Shenzhen, Anyang and Shanghai in China, Saga and Kyushu in Japan, and this year it was held in Tokyo for the first time.