Professor Hiroshi Onishi was Invited to Gave a Lecture


(Correspondent: Wang Tianjian) On November 23rd, Hiroshi Onishi, Emeritus Professor of Keio University and Honorary Professor of Kyoto University, gave a lecture entitled “Academic Development of the Marxian Optimal Growth Model and Other Model” to students and faculty of our school. Professor Qiao Xiaonan presided over the lecture, with dozens of students attending it.

Starting from Marx’s interpretation of capitalism, Professor Hiroshi Onishi systematically introduced the Marxian optimal growth model, as well as its modeling methods and latest development, from the perspectives of the industrial revolution, endogenous population growth, optimal interest rate, the commercial sector, differentiated land-rent, and the relation between the economic basis and the superstructure. He also pointed out the difference between the linear and non-linear production model, and changed the C-D production function back to the production function with only labor input, to prove its compatibility with the labor theory of value.

Professor Hiroshi Onishi is a worldwide famous expert on Marxist political economics, and he serves as the Vice President of World Association for Political Economy and the Director of Japan Society of Political Economy. His research interests include Marxist political economics and Marxian optimal growth theory. He has published several books such as Marxist Economics, “Socialism” before Capitalism and Socialism after Capitalism, and From a Growing State to a Mature Society.