Associate Professor Yuan Tao Gave a Lecture at Cheju Halla University and Participated in the Commemorative Event of Confucius Institute


(Correspondent: Zhong Yiming) From January 17th to 21st, Associate Professor Yuan Tao gave lectures at Cheju Halla University in Korea, and participated in the commemorative event of Confucius Institute. During his stay in Korea, Yuan Tao was warmly received by the president of Cheju Halla University, Mr. Jin Xingxun, and participated in the celebration of “Halla-Nankai 15 Years of Togetherness” and other commemorative activities.

On January 18th, Yuan Tao gave a lecture on the topic of “China’s Economic Development and Future Trend“. The lecture was hosted by Wang Shan, Chinese Director of Jeju Halla Confucius Institute, translated by Prof. Piao Yu, Korean Vice Director, and attended by Shen Yijing, Korean Director of Confucius Institute, as well as all the students and teachers.

Associate Professor Yuan Tao gave a detailed explanation of the current economic development in China, analyzing four parts: continuous growth of total economy, expanding foreign trade, accelerating upgrading of industrial system, and deepening the reform and opening-up. Through the combination of charts and text, he elaborated on the development trend of some industries in China and analyzed the future development trend of China's economy based on the current development status. During the lecture, Yuan Tao interacted with the teachers and students of Confucius Institute, and answered their questions in detail.