Zhang Jian Participated in the 2024 International Symposium on Econometric Theory and Applications (SETA)


(Correspondent: Zhong Yiming)From May 28th to May 31st, 2024, Dr. Zhang Jian, a faculty member of School of Economics, participated in the 2024 International Symposium on Econometric Theory and Applications (SETA) held by Academia Sinica in Taiwan, China, and presented his paper “Estimation and Inference of Counterfactual Cumulative Distribution Function in a High-dimension Framework: A Distributional Oaxaca–Blinder Decomposition Application” as the only attendee from mainland China. The paper discusses the problem of estimating the counterfactual distribution function that underlies distributional effects analysis, average treatment effects and fractional treatment effects. The high-dimensional control variables help the non-confounding assumption to hold and mitigate endogeneity due to omitted variables. Also, this paper considers the problem of estimating and statistically inferring counterfactual distribution functions in the framework of a high-dimensional model and applies the results to distribution function-type OB decompositions. It presents two bias-corrected semiparametric estimators, proves the relevant statistical properties and applies them to a labor market study. In addition, during exchanges with scholars from all over the world, Dr. Zhang Jian introduced the basic situation of the School of Economics of Nankai University, as well as the achievements made by Nankai’s economic disciplines, which promotes international academic exchanges.

The International Symposium on the Theory and Application of Econometrics is an important annual international academic forum on econometrics, which invites scholars and experts from world-renowned research institutes such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison to report on the latest research results. The conference aims to encourage theoretical and applied research in econometrics and serves as an important platform for academic exchanges and cooperation among scholars from all over the world as well as in all fields.

Dr. Zhang Jian is presenting his research paper on site