The Library of Economics Branch is affiliated with Nankai University Library, equiped with an independent stack room and reading room. The Library provides the faculties and students with literatures on economics and management research.

The Library covers an area of 2,690 square meters, accommodates 280 people in its reading room, and has access to Wi-Fi within the whole area. It stores about 220,000 books in Chinese and foreign languages that can be circulated, and 40,000 bound volumes of Chinese and foreign periodicals and about 500 sorts of current issues of Chinese and foreign periodicals, which are available for search and copy by faculties and students. The Library has a collection of 500,000 volumes of Superstar (Chaoxing) e-books, and its self-established economic-specific database with real-time update each year. Besides, the Library recently launched the online booking system.

Opening times of the Library:
 Monday to Friday and Sunday: 8: 00-22: 00
 Saturday: 8: 00-17: 30